Add additional printer description files

BeOS 5 adds more than 400 new printer description files, which means you can do PostScript printing from many more printers than before. If you have a PostScript printer that’s not listed in the Printer preferences panel, try this:
Go hit the Adobe web site and look around for a Postscript printer definition file (.ppd) for your printer model. If you happen to be a MacOS user, copy the file corresponding to your printer model from the System Folder (System Folder:Extensions:Printer Definitions).
After you download/copy it, make sure it’s got the right line endings — open it up in BeIDE and click on the little „file“ icon in the bottom left corner and choose „Be,“ then save.
Place the file in /boot/beos/etc/ppd/.
When configuring your printer, choose „Apple Laserwriter Compatible“, and then select your newly-added printer model from the popup.
Hopefully you’ll be able to print now. 🙂
For more information on things you can do to get unsupported printers up and running, see Watts Martin’s article Don’t Give Up on Unsupported Printers at BeNews.



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