Avoiding awkward file placements on Desktop

If you use the desktop applet LaunchBox, or keep some other tool open at some fixed position on the screen, you may have experienced this: Newly created or re-ordered files on the Desktop can happen to appear below such a panel. Since these panels are just normal windows, there’s nothing you can do but at worst having to move the panel a bit, right?
Wrong. Here’s the trick:
Since Replicants protect their space on the Desktop from icons being placed there, you can use e.g. the Workspaces desktop applet to fence off your LaunchBox panel. Move your panel to the side temporarily, adjust the Workspaces window to roughly fit the panel size and grab the Replicant handle to drag the Workspaces panel to the desired LaunchPad position.
Move LaunchBox back on top of the replicated Workspaces panel and you’re all set.



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