Missing NetPositive?

If you are an old BeOS user, likely one of the things you miss about Haiku is NetPositive, the native BeOS browser. Let’s all agree that its days as an actual web browser are over, this still leaves it as a great little reader of HTML documentation. MUCH faster than Bon Echo.
You can get Net+ running on Haiku if you are prepared to download a 39Mb file to get it. That file is BeOS for Linux. If you expand the tarball you will see a floppy image and a file called image.be. Don’t let the .be suffix fool you – it is actually in RAW format, and RAW images can be converted and/or mounted in different ways.
In my case, I use VirtualBox to run Haiku, so the following command in the Host OS:
VBoxManage convertfromraw –format VDI image.be beos.vdi
converts the .be file into something VirtualBox can mount as a second „hard disk“. From then it is just a question of drilling down to where Net+ is found (/boot/home/beos/apps – the one in /boot/apps is just a symlink) and dragging it to /boot/apps on your main Haiku disk.
Net+ requires a few directories in your settings folder, but it will recreate them the first time you run it.


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I’m trying to run BeOS in QEMU, as VBox is too slow on my hardware.
When I start using the raw image, I get as far as kernel_team crashing because it cannot mount the BFS disk. Welcome to kernel debugging land



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