Hidden functionality in Get Info panels

Right-click any file and choose Get Info. As of BeOS 5, the Get Info panel grows several new functions.
Click in the filename in this panel and you’ll get an editable field — you can change the name of the file, folder, or link directly from this panel.
Drag the icon for that file or folder to any location in the Tracker and it will be moved (not copied) there.
Right-click the icon for options relating to that file or folder. If you right-click a folder, you can use the usual hierarchichal navigation to quickly open any subdirectory in the Tracker.
If the panel has directory names listed in blue (denoting Tracker location or symlink target), click them to open those folders in the Tracker instantly.
If you’re getting info on a file rather than a folder or symlink, you’ll get an „Opens With“ picklist from which you can choose a preferred handling application for that file.
Remember, the fastest way to Get Info on any file or folder is to select it and tap Alt+I.



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