Add scripts to the Be menu

You already know that you can create any structure of files and folders you want under the Be menu (see Customize the Be menu). An easy way to add a little functionality to your system is to create little scripts that do housekeeping chores to the Be menu.
You might want to start by creating a new submenu for your scripts under/boot/home/config/be/. Then you can place text files here that function as scripts. Just be sure the first line is
and that you chmod it executable by typing chmod 755 filename.
I’ve created /boot/home/config/be/__/ (that’s two underscores) to contain the items I use most often, such as NetPositive and BeIDE. Here are two scripts which I use quite often.
NetPositive file:///boot/home/bookmarks.html
rm -rf /boot/home/config/settings/NetPositive/NetCache/



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