Animated background images

I was taking screen-shots of Chart for some quick background images, preparing my box for an upcoming demo, when I hit upon a neat way to impress your friends.
I spend a lot of time simply editing files and running Terminals in different workspaces, nothing really compute intensive. So, as a makeshift screen-saver, I run Chart full screen, full blast, 100% stars, in one workspace and switch to it whenever I leave the machine. Thanks to BeOS’s emphasis on responsiveness, I often forget that I left it running after I switch back, even though it’s taking up about 100% CPU. I love Chart, you see.
So, as I was putting Chart-shots on the other workspaces, it hit me: since I don’t really mess with the icons on the desktop when Terminalling or StyledEditing, why not move a couple of these apps to the Chart workspace, push Chart to the back, and get the overall effect of an animated desktop image?
Just eye-candy, but boy is it fun.



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