Don't forget your DNS entries

If you’re able to connect to the Internet but can’t pull up any Web pages successfully, the problem is almost certainly missing Domain Name Server (DNS) entries. Without a DNS server, the browser can’t resolve the names of Web sites into their actual IP addresses. This is the same in BeOS as it is in all operating systems. Obtain a pair of DNS server addresses from your ISP and enter them into the fields in the Dial-Up Networking panel. Similarly, if you’re using a network interface card for your connectivity, you’ll need to enter DNS entries in the Network preferences panel.
Restart networking and you’ll be good to go. Note that you may need to restart NetPositive as well.


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I am playing with BeOS 5 – Max Edition – I added World O‘ Networking to the installation from my BeOS Pro 5 disk – its install will go into Kernel debug mode on my Intel 845 motherboard.
Anyway – soon after I got World of Networking in there – DNS would only resolve for a few seconds in Moxilla.
Without World O‘ Networking – it was fine I used it for months.
I turned off World O‘ Networking file and print sharing off. Still no hope. I’m in NetBSD 4.0.1 om another partition posting now.
I wish I knew a simple answer – where is the file that tells my tcp/ip how to properly send DNS requests to my ISP’s server.
Yes WON sets up in an auomated fashion – but I can’t get under the hood to fix a glich – which is a problem if things are too automatic – unless you have lots of money behind the code or some extremely uncannily talented coders.



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