Telnet to pine

Telnet’ing to PINE on a remote server does not work with Terminal, since the environment variable TERM is set to ‚beterm‘, and PINE does not recognize this kind of terminal.
This can be solved by typing export TERM=vt100 in the Terminal, or adding it to /boot/home/.profile. Depending on your Terminal needs, you can also use export TERM=ansi (or any other terminal type).
Note that this tip does not refer to the BeOS port of PINE, but rather using a remote copy of PINE from within Be’s Terminal.

Marton Fabo ( adds:
Another solution applies to systems using termcap. You can simply put a .termcap file into your home directory on the remote machine, which includes the beterm-part of the Be-supplied termcap (you can find it in /boot/beos/etc). No more hacks — pine will be happy with



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