Clean up your icons

When you’re using the Tracker in Mini Icon or Large Icon mode, it’s easy for the arrangement of icons in the window to become messy. Some icons may even end up partially obscured by the window edges or by other icons. To clean up a Tracker view quickly, tap Alt+K, which will cause all icons to snap to the nearest point on an invisible grid.
Note, however, that this will not „squish out the white space“ — to do that, use Shift+Alt+K, or hold down the Shift key when accessing the Window menu and the „Clean Up“ option will change to „Clean Up All.“
After cleaning up, tap Alt+Y to cause the Tracker window to resize itself optimally.
If you’d like to arrange icons one at a time, just hold down the Alt key while dragging. When you release, the mouse button, that icon will snap to its nearest grid point. Note that all of these clean-up feature works on the Desktop too!



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