Kill rogue apps

If apps hang and either won’t go away or are interrupting other apps, open up Terminal, and type
This will display a list of all running processes. Each process has an associated ID# at the left of the screen. Type
kill 123 [where 123 is the ID of the app that’s misbehaving]
and it will die. If it doesn’t die, try the super killer:
kill 123 -9
If you don’t want to scan through the whole list of running processes and you know the name of the naughty app, use grep to find its ID quickly:
ps | grep appname
which will display just the lines in ps that contain that appname.
If the machine has become so unstable that you can’t even open Terminal, try switching to another workspace with the F keys (Alt+F1, Alt+F2, etc.) and try running Terminal from there. Another option if you can’t open a terminal is to get on another machine and telnet into your BeOS machine. You can then kill the offending app remotely. It’s a good idea to have a copy of ProcessController on your system to handle process and app management graphically. To be certain Tmanager and/or Terminal will be launchable on an unstable system, just have them launch automatically upon boot by launching them from your UserBootScript. That way they’ll already be open and ready to handle contingencies.



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