BeZilla and non-western sites

There are two things to know for BeZilla international users, related to font problems:

  1. BeZilla uses system fonts for some elements, even on pages — input fields, lists, drop-down menus, buttons, etc.
    Therefore, you should set the plain, fixed and bold fonts in the BeOS preferences to those with support for your desired language.

  2. There is a „specially introduced“ bug for UTF-* pages (thanks to flaky unicode support and locale system in unices) — for UTF-* pages, it doesn’t use the fonts chosen for „Unicode“ in Preferences->Appearance->Fonts, but for Western (actually, the settings for language group in OS locale, but locale isn’t used in BeOS).

So for now you have two choices — either add the multi-language fonts to the Western fonts, or try to set LC/locale in BeOS, as it is done in unices.



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