Configuring an 802.11b wireless network card

How to configure an 802.11b wireless network card

  1. Install Bone7a (Do a Google search for

  2. Enter /boot/home/config/settings/kernel/drivers/sample and find prism.conf . Load it up in a text editor and set your SSID. Rename the file to "prism" .
  3. Configure it as you would a normal PCMCIA ethernet card (see Configuring PCMCIA cards), with the binding in the pcmcia file set to "prism" (or "prism.conf", I suppose, if you didn’t rename the file).

Note: BeOS is still horrible with DHCP, so be prepared to manually enter your network information. Also note that Boneyard is inclined to crash, so enter in as much as you can, kill its process, and continue when this happens.

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