BeShare: Share files which are still downloading

It sometimes takes a while for large popular files to be distributed on BeShare, since it doesn’t support multiple download sources.
There are two solutions:

  • Re-share files on a file by file basis

    You can re-share on a file by file basis by creating a link from the file you’re downloading in your „shared“ folder. Do this either by right-clicking on the file and navigating your through the file hierarchy or simply dragging the file with the right-mouse button held into the „Shared“ folder, and selecting „create link here“.

  • Share all downloading/downloaded files

    If you replace the „Shared“ folder in BeShare with a link to „Downloads“ called „Shared„, all downloaded files will automatically be shared as well.

People downloading incomplete files may need to restart their transfers, especially if they are downloading quicker than the file is arriving.



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