Cool fonts for free

BeOS for Intel can utilize all of your TrueType fonts*. You can, of course, mount your Windows partition and move them over to /boot/home/config/fonts/ttfonts/ . There are also many Web sites that offer tons of free fonts for download. Here are some good starter sites:
If you’re looking for some good ones designed expressly for on-screen (rather than print) use, Microsoft has a very well done set of fonts available for free. Download them from om/typography/fontpack/
However, you’ll notice there are downloads for Win95/NT, MacOS, and Win 3.1. They all contain the exact same fonts, but it’s important that you download the Win 3.1 version. Why? Because BeOS can’t handle the Mac .hqx format, and the 95/NT download is an installer executable. But the Win 3.1 version is just a .zip file, packaged as an .exe. So once you’ve downloaded, drag the .exe into Expander to unzip the fonts.
Verdana is a great font for all your menus, while is a great Terminal font.
* BeOS for PPC can use TrueType fonts too, but they must be run through a preprocessor first.



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