Reduce Macintosh boot time

Warning: Only implement the following if you know what you’re doing.
The purpose of this tip is to reduce the boot time of your Macintosh running the BeOS.
You will need the following:

1) A MacOS CD or Disk Tools disk

2) Resedit

3) The BeOS

4) A 2 MB hard disk partition
Now, do the following:

1. If you have a MacOS CD, get the Disk Tools image. If you have an actual
disk, that works too.

2. Create and initialize your 2 MB partition.

3. Copy the System Folder from either the Disk Image or the floppy
to your partition.

4. Copy the BeOS Launcher into System Folder:Startup Items on your

5. Open the System file using ResEdit and remove the first ‚ALRT‘
resource (open it to be sure it is the one warning you about not
booting from a floppy).

6. Reboot
The MacOS will come up and go away in a very short interval of time now, making haste so that the superior OS may immediately boot.



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