Query for your icons (or any type of file)

You can find many types of files using the BeOS‘ built-in Find panel, but icon files are not one of those lucky many. To find icon files, you’re limited to just running a query on all types of files and folders, and it can be quite time consuming to scroll through the results.
Wait! Why not take advantage of the BeOS‘ powerful query system?
Hit Alt+F, choose by Formula, and type the following into the text field:
((name=="* *")&&(BEOS:TYPE=="application/x-vnd.Icon"))
Select the space between the two asterisks with your mouse (highlight it), click the upper- left arrow in the „Find“ panel, choose Save Query as template..., and give it a name like „Find Icon“.
In the future, whenever you want to find an icon, just use this template.

EDITOR’S NOTE: You can easily apply this tip to any type of file that can’t be searched for with the Find panel, just by changing what File type signature your formula uses.
Also of note: This tip depends on your icons having the File type signature application/x-vnd.Icon. Make sure all of your icons use this File type signature, and if they don’t, change ‚em!



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