Exporting audio files with FX from SoundPlay

You probably already know you can use SoundPlay to decode MP3s to WAVs or AIFFs. Right click on the track name in SoundPlay, then from the pop-up menu select Special-Decode To File.
However, this won’t work for audio-input, which means it’s not obvious how to save out a WAV file including special effects you may be applying, or microphone input. What you can do is abuse the „LiveEncoder“ plugin, and specify

/bin/dd of=/boot/home/input.raw

as the encoder. This will create a raw dump of the input, including all effects you applied, as the specified file. If you enable the „allow raw audio“ option of the „default decoder“ plugin, you can play it back in SoundPlay (and apply more effects or save it again in a different format). If your computer is powerful enough, you can also use something like:

/boot/home/config/bin/lame -b 128 -s 44.1 -r -x - /boot/home/input.mp3

as the encoder setting to generate an MPe file of it on the fly, again including all the effects.



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