Run multiple Deskbars

Did you know that you could have multiple Deskbars on your BeOS desktop? Here’s how:
1. Go to /boot/beos/system
2. Copy (don’t move) Deskbar to the Desktop
3. Run it from the Desktop
Now there are two copies of the Deskbar, but the new one appears on top of your old one. Move the new one to another location by dragging it from the grey dots in its right corner.
Every copy of the Deskbar file will launch only one new Deskbar. To have more and more right click the Deskbar file and click Duplicate. Now run the duplicated copy and another Deskbar appears!!

EDITOR’S NOTE: It’s worth noting that the above effect can also be accomplished simply by changing /boot/beos/system/Deskbar from `Single Launch‘ to `Multiple Launch‘ using the FileTypes Prefs Panel.
Also worth noting is that running multiple instances of the Deskbar offers no real practical benefit. It’s just a meaningless (but kind of neat) hack. You’ll probably tire of it after about 5 minutes.



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