Voice over IP with media apps

While there is an application on BeBits for voice communication over the Internet, it seems to crash often. We have found another possible solution for voice communication trough the web.
First, set up SoundPlay to broadcast an audio stream. Recommended settings for lame are

lame -b 16 -m m -x -r - -

Enable the stream to receive clients.
Next, set up the microphone: open the URL requester and type „input://“ instead of a URL, then hit the Play button and your one way stream is ready. The other party must set up the same setting as you have. Now each of you can connect with MediaPlayer or CL Amp to the other IP adress or domain name, as applicable.
It is even possable to create a meeting environment with several people at the same time — just open more MediaPlayers to connect to others.
Happy talking!



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