New documents via Tracker

As of version 5.1b15, OpenTracker includes a system which makes it easy to create new documents or folders of any type, from any Tracker window.
Under the Tracker’s File menu, you’ll find a New… option. New Folder is present by default, but if you choose Edit Templates… the folder ~/config/settings/Tracker/Tracker New Templates will be launched. Fill this folder with new documents of any type, blank or partially filled in, and with intuitive names. You can even create custom associations (for example, you might want a template for new HTML documents, but change the association so a new HTML document will open in a text editor rather than in NetPositive when double-clicked). You can even create custom Tracker templates, such as MP3-customized folders, and drop them here.
All of your templates will then be available from any Tracker window, anytime.



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