Mount Windows shares without WON

In BeOS 5, WON (World of Networking) is only partially supported, and may prove somewhat flaky. This situation should improve when BONE is released, but for now, you’ll probably have better luck by avoiding WON altogether and just using cifsmount.
First, you’ll probably want to tweak your Tracker settings file so that Windows shares are mounted on the desktop. Restart the Tracker or reboot.
Now, open a Terminal and create a directory to mount the remote share in. For this example, we’ll use /sharemount:

mkdir /sharemount

Now enter something like:

cifsmount -I -W WORKGROUP \\HOST\SHARE user pass /sharemount

Where the number following -I is the IP address of the share machine, the word following -W is the name of your workgroup, HOST is the name of the machine in that workgroup, and SHARE is the name of a directory on that machine to which you have access. All of these must be in ALL CAPS. Use your real username and password (presumably not all caps).
If successful, the remote shared folder will appear on the desktop under the name „sharemount“ and you’ll have read/write access to it. If it worked, add this to ~/config/boot/UserBootscript:

mkdir /sharemount
cifsmount -I -W WORKGROUP \\HOST\SHARE user pass /sharemount


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