Mounting PC sessions on hybrid CD-ROMs

BeOS seems to have trouble mounting the PC partition on hybrid CD-ROMs which contain both Macintosh and Windows sessions. Tracker can’t and DriveSetup can’t, but Terminal can mount these ISO 9660 sessions. [Editors‘ note: ISO sessions on standard, non-hybrid CDs mount just fine].

  1. Open a Terminal window.
  2. Type „mountvolume -dd“ to find the device name of your CD-ROM drive (i.e /dev/disk/ide/atapi/1/master/0/raw for the CD-ROM drive connected as master to the second IDE channel).
  3. Create in the root directory of the filesystem a new directory by typing, for example „mkdir /wincd„.
  4. Mount the CD-ROM using the „mount“ command and the option „-t iso9660“, i.e:
    mount -t iso9660 /dev/disk/ide/atapi/1/master/0/raw /wincd


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