Terminal configuration options

The „Terminal“ application has many built-in command line options. Help unfortunately, is not one of them. A few of the options are the same as those used by „xterm“, but these options are, for the most part, undocumented.

-fg colour Foreground
-bg colour Background
-curfg colour Cursor foreground
-curbg colour Cursor background
-selfg colour Selected text foreground
-selbg colour Selected text background
-t title Title to appear in window tab
-geom (width)x(height) Size of the window
-p settings-file Personalised settings you may have previously saved
command A command to execute after Terminal starts up

For example, say I wanted to launch „Terminal“ with a blue background, white foreground, a title of „hostxyz“ and automatically telnet to hostxyz, I would use the following syntax: –

Terminal -bg blue -fg white -t "hostxyz" /bin/telnet hostxyz

Have a look at the contents of /etc/rgb.txt for available colours. Once you’re happy with the colour combinations, you can save these from the „Settings/Save as Settings File“ menu option. You will then be able to launch „Terminal“ the next time with the -p option specifying this file.

You could of course place the command line in a shell script and create a (symbolic) link to the script on the Desktop. You could create separate scripts to automatically launch with different colours etc for different hosts you may need to log into.



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