Using DivX:) for BeOS

With beta 4 of DivX:) for BeOS, you no longer need a script to hear audio, and you now have access to a DivX:) encoder. However, the audio library you need to hear sound in DivX:) movies is not included in the distribution. Grab L3codeca.acm out of the package at:
and put it in ~/config/add-ons/media/decoders along with the other Windows libraries. Restart the media server (from the Media preferences panel), and you should hear sound with movies that have an MP3 or raw audio soundtrack.
To create DivX:) movies in BeOS, save them as AVIs from personalStudio, then use Be’s MediaConverter (but note that a Media Kit bug currently forces you to use Raw Audio rather than MP3).
Useful DivX information can be found in the DivX:) discussion forum. A DivX:) for BeOS forum can also be found there.



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