Rip audio from any source

Note: This tip may not work with all sound cards. It definitely works with the SoundBlaster Live!.
To save any sound stream to disk, whether it originates from Video, CD, Midi, or another source, try this:

  • Open the media preferences panel.
  • Select the In channels. (if you use SB Live!, it’s the Emu10K In).
  • Select source: Speaker out.

To get crystal clear sound.

  • Click the Out channels.
  • Make sure you mute the Mic.

Start SoundRecorder

  • Start SoundRecorder (Be | Application | SoundRecorder).
  • Press the record button.

Start the source.

  • If you want to rip from CD, play the CD.
  • If you want to rip from movies, play the movies.
  • If you want to rip a MIDI file, play a MIDI file.
  • If you want to rip your favorite TV show, play the TV (You need a TV
    capture card).


  • Cut leading/trailing silences by dragging the grippy dot sliders.
  • Saves the sound as WAV or MP3 (right-drag or Ctrl-drag the waveform into
    the Tracker.

Want to create an CD?

  • Open CDBurner
  • Drag the new files into the burn window
  • Burn!


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