Audio CDs without two-second track gaps

When you burn audio CDs with Be’s CDBurner, you’ll get a two-second silent gap between tracks, as is the industry standard. CDBurner is in fact doing DAO („disk at once“ — the technique typically used to avoid this) but uses a two-second gap as a default. If you want to avoid this, use the Pre-gap slider to control the gap length. However, do not set the slider to 0 seconds or you’ll still get the two-second gap due to a bug. Instead, set the gap length to 0.02 and you’ll get a gap short enough not to be noticeable.
Alternatively, you can use Marcus Overhagen’s excellent CD Manager, which also has the advantage of supporting more burners. In CD Manager, just select all tracks, right-click on them, and choose „Set Pause / 0 seconds“ and click on the red button.
Tech note: On an audio CD, a track must be a multiple of 2352 Bytes (thats 1/75 second). CDBurner may append some silence at the end of the track if the WAV file is not exact a multiple of 2352 Bytes (plus 42 bytes WAV header).



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