Convert movies to other formats

YACAIOSC (Yet Another Cool App in /optional/sample-code)
[Editor’s note: If you’re running Personal Edition, you’ll need to install the free BeOS development tools to get this working].
If you’ve ever wanted to convert one kind of movie to another, or one kind of sound to another, navigate to /optional/sample-code/media_kit/MediaConverter and open the appropriate project file in BeIDE by double-clicking the .proj file. You’ll want to turn off the debugging info (Edit | ProjectSettings | CodeGeneration| yourplatformCodeGeneration) and then Project | Disable Debugger. Build the project by tapping Alt+M.
Once the compile is done, you’ll have an app that can take any movie or sound for which you you have an installed translator, and convert it to any other kind of movie or sound. You can also use app this to rip the soundtrack from a movie!
You can use MediaConverter to convert .AVI or .MPG movies, which sometimes have performance problems on BeOS, to a QuickTime move using the Intel codec, so you can watch your movies flicker free!!



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