Fix corrupt MPEG files

Warning: This tip involves using DiskProbe, which can trash your drive or
delete information if used improperly. Never launch DiskProbe and start changing information unless you know what you’re doing. Right-clicking and opening a file with DiskProbe is much safer than opening a whole disk drive (you’ll only wreck that file if you screw up). Keep DiskProbe away from children 😛
It seems that some MPEG encoders tack junk onto the end of files that Be’s MediaPlayer doesn’t like. If you encounter an MPEG movie and you get the message that MediaPlayer can’t play it, there’s still a chance you can play it.
Open the MPEG file with DiskProbe (right-click, Open With…) Go to the end of the file and replace the last half page of data with 00 00 00. Save it and try playing it again. Repeat if necessary. I have had pretty good sucess with quite a few stuborn MPEG files that wouldn’t play. This may work with other movie files but I’ve only tried it on MPEG files.
You can also use DiskProbe to impress your friends by editing your favorite BeOS games high score file. How did I get over 5 million points in Xgalaga? Don’t ask me how to do it — I won’t tell you. 😉



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