Launch BeOS x86 from DOS/Win

The BeOS x86 install CD includes a directory called BeLaunch which allows you to launch BeOS by clicking an icon. Even better, it includes a DOS batch file called beos.bat which lets you launch BeOS without having to wait for Windows to load first.
Copy the BeLaunch folder to you hard drive, CD to that folder, and type beos. If everything is set up properly, you should boot straight into BeOS. The included notes say it doesn’t work on dual-processor machines, but it works fine on mine. If it works properly, you’re all set to boot into BeOS without launching Windows.
As your machine is booting, keep your finger on the F8 key. When you see the line „Starting Windows 95,“ hit F8 and choose Command Line Only from the menu to arrive at a DOS prompt. You can now CD to the BeLaunch directory and type beos.
To make it even easier, rename beos.bat to b.bat and move or copy the file into your C: root so you don’t have to CD to the right directory first. Alternatively, add the BeLaunch directory to your path.
To automate all of this even more, see the tip Create a Win95/BeOS Boot Menu.



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