CDBurner: Supported drives

If you pull down File | About in CDBurner, you’ll see a list of burners known to work in BeOS (i.e. tested by Be or their partners). However, user reports show that CDBurner actually works with a much wider range of drives — anything MMC3-compliant may work. In general, this probably means that anything on the support list for the *nix cdrecord application may work. Click here to see if your burner is on the cdrecord list.
However, note that cdrecord also supports drives that aren’t necessarily MMC-3 compliant. Therefore, you know that a drive that works with CDBurner will also work with cdrecord. The converse, unfortunately, is not necessarily true. The absolute best burner compatibility list is hosted at the BeOS Journal — see /BIAcdburners.shtml.
If you get an error message from CDBurner that looks something like:

error: cannot read write cache page 05:24:00

then the drive manufacturer had an unusual idea of what „MMC3-compliant“ means. You may want to try Marcus Overhagen’s CDManager instead. No guarantees, but worth a shot.
Tyler Riti ( contributed to this tip.



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