PPP fails to resolve web / email addresses

Many new BeOS users complain that they’re able to make a dial-up connection, but that they can’t access any web sites, check email, etc. This is a dead give-away of a DNS resolution problem.
According to Be’s tech support team, 3 out of 4 PPP connection problems are resolved by telling people to manually enter the DNS server address in the Dial-Up Networking panel. Apparently, Windows is able to retrieve DNS addresses automatically from some ISPs (I wasn’t even aware of this; I always entered them manually in Windows as well). People are so accustomed to having Windows do this for them that it never occurs to them that they might need to enter DNS server addresses manually.
Check your ISP’s web site or call their tech support team to ask for the IP addresses of their DNS servers. This information should also be present on any sign-up sheets you received when you got your account with them.



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