Mount disks from Terminal

If you’re in Terminal and you’ve just slid a removeable disk into its bay (like a SyQuest, Jaz, or CD-ROM), you don’t have to go digging around in the Tracker menus to mount the new volume in your filesystem. Be has provided us with a much friendlier version of Unix‘ mnt command.
Give your disk a second to spin up, and type mountvolume -r -l. BeOS will scan the system bus and let you know which volumes are either already mounted or are available for mounting. Then all you have to do is type mountvolume diskname where „diskname“ is one of the members of the disk list that mountvolume came up with.
The new volume will be mounted in the root — so if you had a Zip disk called BeZip, you would just type cd /BeZip to access it.



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