Resize partitions for free

If you’d like to use one of the tips here to install BeOS 5 Personal Edition to a dedicated partition (for example Install Personal Edition to a real partition or Create a Free BeOS Install CD), but don’t own a copy of Partition Magic, there are a number of free tools available that will let you resize existing Windows partitions non-destructively, making space available for a shiny new BeOS partition.
First off, there’s a freeware program called „Partition Resizer„, which is an easy-to-use DOS-based program that works well. It’s not graphical like Partition Magic, but hey, it’s free!
Once you’ve created free space on your hard drive, you can use another freeware program called „Ranish Partition manager„, to claim the new free space for BeOS.
While Be’s own DriveSetup is easier to use for most purposes, DriveSetup is not a non-destructive partition manager. These tools will let you resize partitions without blowing away your existing OS installations.
Good Luck, and of course I assume no responsibility. Read the directions that come with these programs!



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