RipEnc: A better "Manual" mode

If you use RipEnc to encode, ID3 tag, and database your MP3 files, you’ll find that the vast majority of CDs are looked up properly by cdda-fs / cddblinkd, so you never have to name tracks by hand.
If you do encounter a CD that isn’t found in a compact disc database, RipEnc provides a hand-naming mode (Note: hand-naming mode was removed from RipEnc because this method works much better and that mode was therefore superfluous). However, a much better solution is to edit the actual volume and track names on the CD itself (look in the WAV subdirectory of the mounted CD for the tracks used by RipEnc).
While CDs aren’t writeable, cdda-fs does some clever tricks behind the scenes so you can edit CD filenames in the Tracker just like files on your hard disk. Best of all, it remembers your edits, so they’ll still be there next time you insert the CD. Once you’ve renamed the volume and track names, you can keep RipEnc set to Automatic mode and everything will come out right. And you’ll never have to give the tracks names again in the future.
When you rename the audio CD volume name, be sure to render it exactly like this:

Artist Name - Album Name

(with a single hypen separated by a single space on either side).



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