Keep a library of menu colors

If you like to mess with your menu colors but don’t want to lose good color choices you’ve come up with in the past, use an app like kColor to store your favorites. kColor is a free replacement for the now defunct RoColor (old timers will remember it). Chosen colors can be saved in „buckets“ and dragged out of the buckets onto any app that supports color drops. Drop a color into Pe or StyledEdit to have the hex equivalent inserted at that point. Drop a color into SoundPlay or DeskCalc to have those apps turn that color. Or drop a color onto a non-wallpapered desktop to turn the desktop that color instantly.
One thing few people realize is that the Menu preferences panel will accept color drops from tools like kColor, which means you can use kColor’s „buckets“ to keep a library of frequently used BeOS menu colors.



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