Ejecting Orb disks

If you have a Castlewood Orb drive attached to your system, it will work just fine in BeOS. However, some users have experienced problems getting Orb disks to eject properly. If this applies to you, boot Windows and use the provided Orb software to set the drive to „Removable.“ The drive will now be software-ejectable from either operating system.

Be’s Leo L. Schwab (ewhac@be.com) offers additional information:
Some SCSI Castlewood ORB drives (2.2G removable media) have exhibited problems when the media is changed. The problem typically manifests as an inability to access the drive after a media change event (removing or inserting a disk), which can lock up DriveSetup.
Castlewood have released a new version of the drive firmware, v2.0. Visit the Castlewood support area and follow the links to the SCSI firmware update. Note that this update is only for SCSI ORB drives (not IDE or USB), and you will need to create a bootable DOS floppy to install the firmware update.
Once updated, the drive and BeOS will deal with media change events just fine. (Note that you may need to run DriveSetup and rescan the SCSI bus to get the drive to show up in the first place.)



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