Increase the time resolution of SoundRecorder

SoundRecorder will record and work with very large audio files. It is, however, very difficult to mark specific passages because there is no zoom function. Here’s a workaround:

  • Resize the window from the bottom right corner
  • Hold down the Shift key and move the title bar to the far right
  • Let go of Shift and move the whole window as far to the left as possible
  • Repeat as necessary

I managed to increase resolution by several hundred percent. I assume the same method will work for other applications which need space!
Providing hey is installed you can simply use the following line in a terminal to set SoundRecorder (or any other application) to maximum width.

hey SoundRecorder set Frame of Window [0] to BRect[4,200,5004,350]

where the figures in brackets refer to the windows co-ordinates:
4 pixels from the left of the screen (beginning of the visible area)
200 pixels from the top of the screen
5000 pixels wide
150 pixels high
5000 seems to be the maximum possible width. You can set higher values but the width will not exceed 5000 pixels.



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