TV: Smooth viewing

I have a standard Bt848 TV card on my BeOS system. I was frustrated as a new user because I couldn’t get the TV app to display full-screen without it being really jerky and fragmented. I ran my desktop at 1280×1024. So I would watch TV in 640×480 window on the regular desktop. Of course, that’s not good enough.
The solution to this problem is to create a Workspace at 640×480, and drag the TV window into it when you start it up. Bang, full-screen TV on your BeOS machine! No shakes, jitters, or dropped frames.

Tyler Riti ( offers this cool script to automate the process. It requires that hey be installed in your path.
On my system, I have Workspace 12 set to 640×480 so you may want to edit that line for your system or just comment it out. Save this into a text file, chmod it to be executable (or use SetPerms), and place it on your Desktop so you can double-click it any time you want.

TV & sleep 1
hey TV set Workspaces of Window "Bt848 Input 1" to 2048
hey TV set Frame of Window "Bt848 Input 1" to 'BRect(0,0,639,479)'


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