Activate the Be menu via keyboard

Update: This tip is superceded by the appearance of Sander Stoks‘ excellent MenuKey add-on. The old tip follows.

The Be menu is navigable using the arrow keys — but unfortunately, there’s no built-in way to activate the Be menu without using your mouse. This tip gets around that limitation.
First, install SpicyKeys 1.20 or higher on to your system. Now, say you want the Be menu to be activated whenever you press left-alt+escape. Add the following two entries into the SpicyKeys GUI:
left-alt-escape : *MoveMouseTo 100% 0
left-alt-escape : *MouseButton 1
This tells SpicyKeys that whenever you tap left-alt+escape, it should move the mouse to the upper right corner of the screen, then click the left mouse button.
Make sure that when you click „save“, the two entries are listed in the table in the order shown above (otherwise the menu won’t activate, since the click will happen before the mouse move).



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