BeBochs: Easy Windows installation

BeBochs lets you run Windows and Windows apps in a BeOS window. But if you’ve tried to set up BeBochs, you know it can be pretty difficult to install Windows 95 for use with BeOS. This technique can make things much easier, if you’ve got a spare slot on your IDE chain.
Get yourself a small hard drive and install it in your computer all by itself. Copy the Windows installation from CD to the hard drive, along with all the cab files, like this:

COPY X:WIN95*.* C:WIN95*.*

(where X is the letter of your CD-ROM drive).
Now go into C:WIN95 and type SETUP to install Windows. When finished, take your new Windows drive and put it on your secondary master IDE chain. Boot back into BeOS and start BeBochs. When the configuration window prompts you for a path, enter


If that doesn’t work, launch a Terminal and type df. Note the location of your Windows drive, but make sure the path says „raw“ at the end instead of 0_0 or something.
You should be all set.
If you need additional help, see the excellent instructions at Using BeBochs.



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