Use SoftwareValet for batch transfers

You probably already know that SoftwareValet will let you stop and start downloads at will, and will let you queue up multiple downloads for batch transfers. Unfortunately, this usually only works when a software vendor provides a special link to a SoftwareValet download (e.g. at BeDepot).
With a quick hack, you can force SoftwareValet’s resumable download manager to give you resume capabilities for any file on the Internet, which is especially handy for very large downloads such as games. You can also queue up multiple files for batch transfer. Here’s how.
Create a plain text file containing the URLs to the files you want to download, one to a line. Precede each line with „url: “ so your file looks like this:


Save the file to the Desktop or wherever, then access its FileType panel (right-click | Add-Ons | FileType) and navigate to Application | SoftwareValet Download (or paste in application/x-scode-VDwn). Save and close the FileType panel.
Double-click the file, and SoftwareValet’s download manager will come up and start grabbing files, with full Defer/Activate controls.
The biggest drawback to this method is that all downloaded files will be given the SoftwareValet MIME type, so anything besides .pkg files will have to be given correct types manually.
See also Download Files While You Sleep.



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