Gobe Productive: Mirroring graphics

Note: This tip applies to graphical objects such as polygons, not bitmap images. Bitmap images do have a „flip“ menu option .
It’s not immediately obvious how to produce a mirror image of a graphic in Gobe Productive. Having used other programs, I was hunting around for a menu option. There are none, because none are needed — it’s simpler than that!
Select the object so that its drag points are showing, then select any corner and drag. The graphic resizes as expected. Now, continue to move the drag point past the bounds of the graphic — in other words, turn it inside out. When you move past the bounds, the image will flip automatically.

J.Seemer adds:
Unfortunately this doesn’t preserve the original size, which is one thing you expect when mirroring. To keep at least one dimension you can either press the shift key while dragging or use another point than a corner point for dragging. It’s also a good idea to remember the original value of the changing dimension, which is displayed with the other values in the PartBar at the top of the canvas.
After dragging, double-click in the appropriate dimension field of the PartBar and re-enter the memorized value. You’ll get a perfectly mirrored image.



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