Renaming the Trash

[Editor’s note: This is quite a hack… not particularly elegant IMO… but it works, I suppose.]
Page 66-67 of the BeOS Bible says:
Don’t Rename the Trash….you’ve always renamed Windows 95’s Recycle Bin to ‚Garbaj‘,“ and now you’ve grown quite fond of the name….In short, don’t try it“ [get the book for the whole quote].
If you want to have „Garbaj“ on your Desktop, you can make a link to the Trash and hide the real Trash behind the Deskbar.

  1. Open Terminal.
  2. Enter this: ln -s /boot/home/Desktop/Trash /boot/home/Desktop/Garbaj
  3. You should now have an icon labelled „Garbaj“ on your desktop.
  4. To complete the effect, drag the real Trash icon behind your deskbar to hide it.


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