Gobe Productive: Wrap text around images

In Gobe Productive 2.0, you can flow text around images. Try this:

  1. Open a document (either a native doc or a Microsoft Word doc).
  2. Tap Alt+Shift+T to make the toolbar appear along the left of the window.
  3. Click the pointing hand button to toggle into selection mode
  4. Drag an image out of the Tracker and into the document. Drag any corner to resize as necessary.
  5. Optionally tear off the transparency palette. Drag the transparency slider back and forth to control the opacity of your image.
  6. Click the Text Wrap icon on the toolbar (a blue diamond) and select a wrap style (tight wrap is good for most purposes). Text will wrap around the image.
  7. Drag the image around on the page to see how text reflows dynamically around it.

Memorize this trick and use it in your BeOS demos.



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