Quiet audio in BeOS

New BeOS users sometimes discover that audio is quieter in BeOS than it is in Windows or other operating systems. The reason for this is that Windows drivers add about +20dB of artificial volume to the output, while the BeOS driver is volume-neutral. This is very important to audio professionals, who will enjoy higher quality audio from BeOS than they do from Windows (Windows will distort output on high-quality hardware). Do not file a bug report — Be does not intend to „fix“ this situation. Just turn up your volume controls a little more.
However, there is a known bug with the Sound Blaster PCI 128 (and possibly other cards), which have especially low sound output. For instance you can have the volume at a normal level and you will hear nothing. This is a known BeOS bug which should be fixed in a post R.4.5.2 release.



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