cdda-fs: Mounting "enhanced" CDs

Update: BeOS 5 includes cdda-fs, and also lets you mount enhanced CDs normally, by right-clicking on the Desktop and choosing the volume name from the Mount sub-menu. The original tip, for users of older versions of BeOS, is below.

Marco Nelissen’s cdda-fs is a great utility, but the current version is unable to mount „enhanced“ CDs („enhanced“ CDs containing both audio and data) either from DriveSetup or from the Tracker. Inserting one of these CDs simply mounts the data partition. There is, however, an easy work around for mounting both partitions.

  1. Insert the cd.
  2. Fire up a Terminal.
  3. Make a directory in the root of your filesystem to mount the audio CD to, by typing mkdir /mydirectory, for example.
  4. Now type mount -t cdda /mycdrom /mydirectory, where mycdrom is the path to your CD-ROM drive (for example, /dev/disk/ide/atapi/1/slave/0/raw), and mydirectory is the path to the directory you’ve just created.

You’re golden. To automate this process, just create a little shell script that looks like this:

mkdir /mydirectory
mount -t cdda /mycdrom /mydirectory

Open up a Terminal, cd to the script’s directory, and type chmod 755 filename, where filename is the name of the script.



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