Auto-streaming MP3 audio

Now that both SoundPlay and CL-Amp support .M3U and .PLS files, and has moved their InstantPlay function from RealAudio to streaming MP3, you can listen to their Hi-Fi and Low-Fi transmissions in BeOS, as well as .M3U or .PLS files containing URLs from other sites.
Go to any artist page on and click the Hi-Fi or Low-Fi link. This will download a tiny text file of the type audio/x-mpegurl, which will be automatically launched in SoundPlay or CL-Amp. The text file simply includes the URL to an MP3 file, so that download control of the actual audio is passed from the browser to the playback software.
Similarly, streaming audio from and can now be played easily on BeOS.
To change associations for any of these streaming techniques, launch the FileTypes preferences panel and choose a player from the picklist in the sections labeled audio/x-mpegurl, audio/mpegurl, and audio/x-scpls.



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