Keyboard troubles

In rare cases, it may happen that the BeOS detects your keyboard and even reports it as active, but no keystrokes come through. If this happens to you, check for these things:

  1. Is your mouse connected to a COM port? Try putting it on the PS/2 connector.
  2. Does your machine run on a Abit or QDI motherboard? Then it’s time to update the BIOS. With a QDI you should get at least with Version 1.03. For an Abit you should get the latest possible rev (i.e. higher than 5 or 6).
  3. In some BIOSes you can change a setting called „Typematic Delay“ or „Keyboard Refresh Rate“ – those shouldn’t be higher than 6.

If none of these things help, contact Be’s customer support.



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