Add replicants to the Deskbar

Be engineer Jon Wätte threw a cool utility into R4.5 at the last minute called „desklink,“ which lets you install a Replicant for any application or document into the deskbar from the command line or from your UserBootscript. The syntax is simple:

desklink /boot/beos/apps/NetPositive

will put a small NetPositive Replicant into the Deskbar’s status view. To remove it, use:

desklink remove=/boot/beos/apps/NetPositive

Of course, you can substitute the path to any application on your system. You can also pass in arguments to tell the Replicant exactly what to do when right-clicked. For example:

desklink "cmd=Open TipServer:/boot/beos/apps/NetPositive &" /boot/beos/apps/NetPositive

Now a left-click will launch a fresh NetPositive window, while a right-click will give you a context menu asking whether you want to „Open NetPositive“ or „Open TipServer.“ Cool, huh? Remember to include that ampersand; if you leave it out, the Deskbar might become temporarily unresponsive.
The desklink command doesn’t have to point to applications, either — it can point to any file or folder on your system.
If you prefer to do this graphically, download Wätte’s HotLink utility, but remember that you can’t use the graphical version to automate the creation of Replicants at boot time.
Also useful is Mike Crosland’s linker, a Tracker Add-on that places a link to any folder, file or application in the deskbar.



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