SSH: Compiling on BeOS 4.5.x

Secure shell is encrypted telnet, and is much safer to use than the version of telnet shipped with BeOS.
After downloading the source code, cd to the archive directory and type:


A lot of data will scroll by. When complete, you’ll be returned to the shell prompt. Now open up config.h in your favorite editor and delete lines containing the following strings:


Save and exit the file. Back at the prompt, type:


Compilation should proceed without problems. When you get the prompt back, type

make install

This will install the binary files in ~/config/bin – you can ignore the errors „make install“ gives you!
Now ..that’s it – type „ssh“ and see what happens 🙂
[Editor’s note: If you prefer to download a precompiled binary, you can get ssh and cvs together in one package here.]

Andreas F. Bobak adds:
There are two ways to get to a working copy of ssh for PowerPC machines:
Version 1 („The lazy way“)
Download and use the compiled binary.
Version 2 („I want to do it myself“)

  1. Download the source code
  2. Download the patch file
  3. Extract the source code and cd into the directory (tar xvzf ssh-1.2.16-3_src.tgz)
  4. Apply the patch:
    patch -p0 < path-to-patch-file/ssh-beosppc-patch
  5. ./configure --prefix=/boot/home/config
  6. make
  7. make install
  8. use „ssh“


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